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    How Influencers brought BANG to Layer Cake Wines new product launch

    When we sat down with our client Layer Cake Wines to talk about the launch of their new Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon we immediately thought – Let’s Celebrate!

    Wine brings people together and that’s just what we wanted to do. Together with Layer Cake we chose to run an influencer marketing campaign for a variety of reasons, including:

    •     The targeted audience
    •     Fresh content
    •     Brand awareness & credibility
    •     Organic engagement
    •     Traffic & sales
    •     SEO

    How did we do it?

    Bourbon and the South go hand-in-hand, just like wine and food. Nashville was an exciting locale to select, with its rich culture of southern charm and hospitality.

               Jessica Moore           Nelson Yong                       

    What a better way to experience Layer Cake Wines crafty new product. On behalf of the brand, Socialtyze hosted an exclusive group influencers throughout a November weekend, where they engaged in activities from experiencing Nashville’s most alluring restaurants to tailgating at Vanderbilt Stadium; including a boutique, art and wine crawl and intimate interactive lunches along the way, all showcasing Layer Cake Bourbon Barrel. These select experiences offered a plethora of unique backdrops to capture amazing content to spread the word about Layer Cake Wines and their new Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon.

    LayerCakeStory1                          LayerCakeStory2                          LayerCakeStory3

    The results speak for themselves:

    • 29 pieces of content
    • 340 posts (27 static images, 1 video, 312 Instagram stories)
    • Total reach of 2,495,424, engagements 134,605
    • 4.59% overall engagement rate (higher than the Instagram average)

    Food for thought – by shifting dollars to unique content campaigns instead of traditional photo shoots it extends your brand’s reach in a targeted, credible way and offers views through diverse and contrasting lenses. The stories being told are fresh and distinct, and all presented to each influencer’s following in a live or specially curated moment in a timeframe specified.

    The takeaway here is – the advertising landscape has evolved in a positive way for brands. By adding Social Media Influencers to your digital marketing campaign your ability to speak directly to consumers by a trusted source elevates your brand and business, and you avoid being lost in the abyss of traditional online content.