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    MobileNomics Coverage: Hear from Gatorade, MediaCom and American Airlines

    In this drive through the mountains of Park City, Michael Smith, Head of Digital Strategy for Gatorade discusses the challenges he faces in marketing for this powerhouse brand in the age of disruption. From fresh digital approaches like Gatorade Edge, to utilizing micro-influencers like coaches and athletic peers, he shares groundbreaking insights with Socialtyze’s CEO, John Bohan. Watch to learn how Gatorade is informing through social media and augmenting core products through digital experiences in this powerful interview.

    Can you imagine where mobile will be in the next two years? If you think your forward thinking strategy is sound, you might want to prepare for some groundbreaking shifts. Fortunately, it’s the mission of many marketers to predict these curves and help prepare the industry for future correction. One of these agency leaders is Charlie Fiordalis, Managing Partner at MediaCom and a true thought leader in the digital marketing space. Discover key insights about measurement, the pace of consumer/device fragmentation, and the mindset we must adopt when predicting changes in this crucial marketing vertical.

    Virtual reality and augmented experiences may feel far out of reach in terms of scale and application for huge brands, but even giants can harness accessible pathways to incorporate these innovative marketing technologies. Adib Abrahim, Director of Digital Communications for American Airlines, shares how important it is for even massive brands like his to start thinking outside the box. In this part of our video series, learn key insights about the pace of change in marketing and why we desperately need to shatter our comfort zones to keep up.