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    Thought Leadership at MobileNomics

    Earlier this month, Socialtyze CEO, John Bohan, interviewed over a dozen top marketing executives at the MobileNomics Conference in Deer Valley, UT to explore the future of advertising and marketing. Executives from American Airlines, Gatorade, Nestle, and others share their thoughts on influencer marketing, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and how mobile has become more of a mindset than a device. Our video series, which unfolds over the next several weeks, provides you with tips and insight on how to keep pace with our rapidly changing world of marketing.

    Robin Bennefield, Managing Editor at Marriott International, discusses the importance of digital storytelling. Marriott shares stories that shine a light on the property, people, and the experience in an incredibly genuine manner. In the next three years, Bennefield hopes to take the Marriott platform to the next level by working closely with brands, partners, and influencers to create an authentic network of storytelling platforms.

    Noah Mallin, Head of Social at MEC, explores the importance of data for mobile, the human element of Artificial Intelligence, and the use of Virtual Reality for on-site activations. When it comes to influencer marketing, Mallin discusses the importance and impact that true influencers can make and where to draw the line when using social celebrities.