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    Trending in Social: Socialtyze Enters Clubhouse

     Hottest Topics & Insights This Week in Social Media 


    Join us on Clubhouse @JohnnyBSocial every Friday at 12p PDT, where our CEO and a handful of the Social Media Rockstars @Socialtyze will tackle the hottest topics in Social Media each week.

    We will share our insights and perspective on how these trends will affect the consumers, marketers and solution providers.

    A small sample of the type of topics that we will cover include:

    • Social Storytelling That Is Driving Performance 
    • Why Most Influencer Marketing Is Losing $ (And How To Fix That)
    • Why Snapchat Is Hot Again
    • How To Avoid Losing Your Shirt With IOS14.5
    • Innovations In Social Media Video
    • Copywriting That Drives Performance 
    • Ad Formats That Drive The Best ROAS On Facebook
    • How You Can Use AR/VR In Social Media Today
    • Why Clubhouse Is Taking Off 

    And much more….

    See you there 🙂